Simple Audio Go Amazing Sound from a Small Box

Simple Audio Go

Simple Audio Go Amazing Sound from a Small Box - By Remix - I've had this for about a year, and its awesome. The sound is incredible for such a small device. Would definitely get another one if the need arises. I was impressed by the sound this little thing can produce. The design allows for good bass as long as the speaker is placed on a firm surface and the sound it can produce is high fidelity. I am really happy with this purchase.

This little Bluetooth speaker really puts out good sound from my iPhone and iPod Touch. Small footprint. Of course it doesn't sound like a large stereo system, but you shouldn't expect it to. Good bang for the buck and size, though. I've tried numerous Bluetooth speakers with my phone. This Simple Audio combines the best combination of ease of use, attractive design, and good sound. It reproduces dialog and sound effects from movies well, and music is listenable. A great choice. I recently had the pleasure to try out a couple rechargable bluetooth speakers together - I was nearly equally impressed by both!

I compared the Simple Audio Go Compact Rechargeble Bluetooth Speaker alongside the Putco 201562-BL Phusic Blue Mini Bluetooth Speaker with Speakerphone Function. Both devices double as a speakerphone with their built in microphones when coupled to a cell phone via blue tooth - very handy! As a former road warrior, I really like the fact both are battery powered for convenience on the GO.

I am nearly equally pleased with both units. The Simple Audio Go is more stylish - and more expensive. I recommend the Simple Audio more for the active professional who needs latest technology to LOOK professional and the Putco more for the active youth who's going to use it more for the speaker / play functionality (and extra control buttons on the front of the box). Set-up: amazingly easy to pair this with your phone or tablet. I didn't even read the instructions and I'm somewhat tech-challenged

Appearance: sleek little black box that was a great addition to my entertainment center. Sound: I was most blown away by the sound. I piped-in some music from Spotify and the music was clear and beautiful, could be heard around the entire house (granted, I have a small house). I honestly thought this speaker was something I'd try and then never use again, and I wound up using it almost every day. It'd make a great gift for a college student, any avid music listener, anyone glued to their phone/tablet, the list goes on. Can't think of one single thing I don't enjoy about this Simple Audio bluetooth speaker!

Simple Audio Go Bluetooth Speaker Price $102.99
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