History of Honda PGM-FI

History of Honda PGM-FI development for motorcycles. Honda started more than 20 years ago to develope a FI system to constantly provide the optimum air fuel ratio required by the engine using electronic control techniques. Since then, Honda has been actively promoting the application of FI to motorcycles as a technique to realize environmental performance and high level driveability.

In 1982, Honda marketed the first-in-the-world, fuel injected motorcycle CX500TURBO, which attained both better acceleration performance than the CB900F and better fuel economy than the base model CX500. In 1998, the environmentally friendly sport tourer model VFR800FI was marketed. This model, using the PGM-FI sepeda motor injeksi irit harga terbaik cuma honda and the newly developed three-way catalyst, attains 1/30 CO emissions and 1/10 HC+NOx emissions from the EURO1, which is the European exhaust emission regulation enacted in 1999. And now, the racing machine "RC211V" has been dominating the MotoGP races. The "RC211V" uses the PGM-FI, which aids in allowing the overwhelming power output of the RC211V to be controlled for efficient use by the rider. Honda always keeps improving the fuel injection system at the highest level of technical competition. History of Honda PGM-FI.

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